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Company profile

Jai Design Company a government recognized Export Company is progressive manufacturer and exporter of high quality handicrafts of India Jai Design Company specializes in the manufacturing of all kinds’ handicrafts from ferrous metals like iron, steel as well as non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper. Among the best in the world jai design Company has a state of art equipment and skilled manpower to produce quality products Europe (Netherlands, Finland Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Berlin, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Sweden) Switzerland, France, Spain, Brazil, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Egypt, UAE. we develop own designs, cad, ideas, and client theme also as per product specification on the standard bases. With well experienced staff and latest equipments. jai Stands for the initials of its founders Rahul Singh and his brother Naveen

Inspiration story

We had a loving pet (Dog) whose name was jai so we loved his very much. Jai was as god gift for us so we very inspired his. And we began Jai Design Company for sweet memories. This modern fairy started in the home (physics lab cum workshop) of Rahul Singh where he began to developed electric study lamp, pendent, chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp, and all kinds’ handicrafts goods of home decoration. When we put a step in market so we found a small event order it immediately became a spectacular success. Numerous orders were made in the small house which quickly turned it into a real workshop the house was more and more dedicated to Rahul’s creations and he quickly developed new designs such as table lamp, pendant, chandelier, vases, gardens, tableware, decorative accessories, candle holders, candles, lanterns, small furniture.

Jai Design Company is an international company present today in a myriad of countries on five   continents.The name is well known as a reference for designs, patterns development do quickly and short time line arrangements with an undisputed quality and also as a very unique design pattern with collections of tableware, furniture, lighting, vases, frames, candles, candle holders and a broad variety of giftware and accessories.
Jai Design Company was created by an artist, led by an artist who naturally choose talented artists to work with. It is therefore not a surprise that creativity is the cornerstone of Jai’s history.Designing timeless and modern objects that bring houses to life, creating surprise within harmony and adding creativity to joy: the designers at Jai share their passion with all of the people who work in the company and contribute every day to the success of Jai.
To provide excellent service to overseas customer as warmly as ever and adopt flexible ways of conducting business, such as processing the product according to customer’s designs, specification quality standard and timely delivery
Satisfaction & Commitment with an objective of ‘ TRUST SELLS ‘ forever & Meeting the needs / expectation of our values. It can be experienced with our quality of Products & Services.
We believe in Quality and not in Quantity. Satisfactory Quality is the only level of maintaining Quality of products & services.
We maintain a good team for Research & Development and Innovation of the products. We are continuously involved in conceptualizing new ideas and styles for every product range. These facilities also help us to create innovative designs and manufacture customized products. We try to deliver best output to our customers in terms of quality and variety.


We are an ever expanding company expanding our network to international markets. We maintain a wide clientèle spread across the European Continent / USA / Canada.With our clientèle growing around the globe, the need to enhance and produce updated products has become a necessity. We do customized production of various product objectives given for customization. We manufacture desired products, according to their specifications.

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